Chapter Services


Sent bi-weekly, the E-Bulletins contain all pertinent updates including changes in state or federal regulations, administrative changes affecting the industry, letting numbers, CD plan request forms, and any special notices from awarding or regulatory agencies.

Special Bulletin:
Any major development affecting the industry requiring immediate attention is distributed by Special Bulletin.  Often, these publications are used to provide an analysis of complex regulations or detailed information regarding industry current events.

Public Affairs Bulletin:
Chiefly during the Texas Legislative and Congressional Sessions, Public Affairs Bulletins are dispatched to mobilize industry action on crucial legislative initiatives.  AGC of Texas maintains constant surveillance of legislative action and provides regular status updates of the industry’s legislative priorities.

Infrastructure is published bi-monthly with a special buyer’s guide section published in the September/October issue. The print copy is mailed to the membership as well as municipal, county, and state leaders. Infrastructure focuses on policy and funding, and features regular articles from TxDOT’s Executive Director, AGC’s Executive Vice President, Texas Good Roads’ Executive Vice President, and AGC’s area managers.  The magazine is interactive online.  Advertising opportunities are available for members and may also be interactive.

Meetings and Events

Membership Luncheon:
The Chapter sponsors a membership luncheon each month during the highway letting in Austin, with the exception of the Parking Lot Fish Fry in June and the Scholarship Gala in August.  A featured speaker is selected to discuss current industry issues while the letting results are presented.

Area Monthly and Forecast Meetings:
Considered one of the most intrinsic benefits of the association, AGC of Texas coordinates monthly meetings with local contractors and local agency staff.  Members concentrate efforts by collaborating on a regular basis, while at the same time ensuring good working relations with local partners.

Committee and Task Force Meetings:
Another service creating the backbone of the Chapter, our committees and task forces are charged with monitoring and troubleshooting specific industry issues.  Combined, they form a giant monitoring network which covers all industry issues.

Trade & Equipment Show:
AGC of Texas hosts the biggest Trade and Equipment Show in Texas at the discretion of the Associate Division.  The show unites vendors, contractors, and officials from the state, counties, and municipalities from all over the state.  Attendance is free to all, and includes entry into the Grand Opening Lunch, Opening Night Reception, Fish Fry, and Live Auction benefiting the Scholarship Fund.

Management Conference:
Venues vary each year.  Texas legislative leaders and state and federal policy experts are invited to lead business meetings.  Local area tours and events are also scheduled for attendees.

Administrative Conference:
Held on South Padre Island, the Administrative Conference agenda includes guest speakers to discuss issues ranging from Environmental, Safety, DBE Reporting, Legislative Updates, Industry Funding, and more.  The Conference is scheduled with the entire family in mind and also schedules family activities and events during and after the conference.

Educational Seminars:
Partnering with private, state and federal agencies, educational seminars are scheduled as needed and have covered such issues as legal, contract compliance, crime prevention, safety, open shop, Davis-Bacon, metric, environmental, partnering, traffic control, and on-the-job training.


AGC reviews every state and federal proposed legislation affecting the industry, including tax, labor, environmental, employee relations, immigration, and transportation.  The Chapter presents testimony or consults with the affected agency.  Members are kept abreast of new legislation, its progress, and its effect on the industry.

Scholarship Fund:
Since 1994, The AGC of Texas Scholarship Fund has helped the employees and dependents of employees of chapter members further their education in either undergraduate or vocational studies.  The scholarships are funded through the generous contributions made through our Annual Silent and Live Auctions, which provides enough to increase the number of young hopefuls every year.

Plans Room:
A plans room is maintained in the Chapter building, available 24-hours upon request.  The Chapter also provides them electronically by request.  Current plans are available for Corps of Engineers, federal, state, city and county projects.  Plans rooms are also maintained in the Dallas, Houston and San Antonio field offices.

Contract Document Review:
At the request of a member, Chapter leadership will review and make recommendations to contract documents with the Texas Department of Transportation, city, county, and other political subdivisions.

Wage Rate Information:
In an attempt to determine the prevailing wage rate for each of the 254 counties in Texas, AGC sponsors a continuous survey.  Wage rate information is furnished to cities, counties, state agencies, consulting engineers and the U.S. Department of Labor to ensure prevailing wage rates are listed in compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act.  When the Department of Labor issues erroneous decisions, the Chapter files appropriate action for a reversal.

On-The-Job Development and Training:
The AGC On-Job-Training Program has the approval of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and the Secretary of Labor, and can be used on all state and federal projects to satisfy the requirements of TxDOT’s on-the-job training requirements.  AGC facilitates outreach, manages records, and maintains an exclusive agreement with TxDOT and FHWA as an OJT program partner.  A copy of the procedures packet can be obtained by calling the Chapter office at 512/478-4691.  The program is for member use only.

The Chapter maintains an active Safety & Health Committee, which monitors safety regulations and supplies guidance for the membership. Pocket-sized safety manuals in English and Spanish for both the employee and supervisor are available at a nominal fee.  In addition, the Chapter maintains a supply of safety videos for use by the members.  Contact the Chapter office for a list of videos at 512/478-4691.

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