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Poised between the end of FY 2012 and the beginning of the next legislative session, I thought this would be a perfect time to review the Texas Department of Transportation letting figures over the past several years. Most of us recall that 2006 and the years preceding were excellent for highway construction in Texas. Then, in 2007, the contracts plummeted. The total statewide amount let by the commission was $2,785,000,000.

Published in Nov/Dec 2012

As we begin the legislative session, it is time to make sure that we have done everything possible to make sure that the legislature clearly understands the crisis facing our infrastructure. Both water and highway issues should be a top priority for everyone in Texas.

Published in Jan/Feb 2013

Prior to the Bush administration, Texas was a donor state, getting less money in federal reimbursements than it sent in gas tax. Since the election of George W. Bush, however, Texas has consistently received more money than it paid into the Highway Trust Fund.

Published in Sep/Oct 2012
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 20:00


I recently had a discussion with a stockbroker about the volatility of different markets and industries. The broker claimed there is nothing more volatile than the stock market, which swings widely from day to day, upwards of 500 to 600 points. There seems to be no basis for...

Published in Sep/Oct 2011
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