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Tuesday, 02 October 2012 13:58

On TxDOT 's Personnel Volatility

In the September/October issue, the title of my article was “Market Volatility.” In light of that and all the changes taking place over at the Greer Building, I think it only fair that this month I speak to you on “Personnel Volatility.”

Published in Nov/Dec 2011
Friday, 27 January 2012 11:43

Financing our way out of Gridlock

The first state gasoline tax was imposed in 1923. It was for one cent, and 25 percent went to the school fund. In 1929 it went to five cents. With the Interstate Act, 1956, it was three cents, and then increased to four cents in...

Published in Jan/Feb 2012

When the legislature passed the General Appropriations Act during the last session, they included a provision under Rider 42, requiring TxDOT to use $300 million of the Proposition 12 bond proceeds...

Published in Mar/Apr 2012

At the March 14, 2012 convention of the Associated General Contractors of America it was announced that the AGC of Texas had been awarded the Chapter of the Year for 2011. At the same time Past President Bob Lanham...

Published in May/Jun 2012
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