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I understand the November/ December issue of Infrastructure Magazine features articles about changes and new faces at TxDOT. As one of the newest faces at the agency, I appreciate...

Published in Nov/Dec 2011

Texas is dried out. All over the state, in newspapers, and on televisions all over the nation, you can see the land’s cracked veins exposed in our pastures and once-filled waterbeds. Since December 2010, wildfires have burned over one million acres. Estimated economic losses due to...

Published in Sep/Oct 2011

I may not be the only person sick of the word “change” after the last four years, but every once in a great while a group of people get together, invest in change, and ...

Published in Sep/Oct 2011

As the old saying goes, even a blind man could see the changes going on at TxDOT. With about a third of the district engineers opting for retirement, and many of the department’s central administration opting for same...

Published in Nov/Dec 2011
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