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HONDO – AGC members are primarily focused on building good roads and bridges and helping ensure adequate construction funding. The association also keeps members on top of the pressing issues of the day.

Published in Jan/Feb 2017
Friday, 03 February 2017 13:52

AGC Remembers A.P. at the First Annual

On Nov. 14, Bryan Area members did a little something special in remembrance of recently departed friend and colleague, Mr. A.P. Boyd. Everyone who knew A.P. has a personal story about how A.P. Boyd stood up for them, served as a mentor, or helped guide them...

Published in Jan/Feb 2017

Timothy Dean Word, Jr., a leader in the Texas highway construction business, passed away on Christmas Day. Tim, 87, served as president of the AGC of Texas Chapter in 1979 and as national president of AGC in 1995. 

Published in Jan/Feb 2017
Friday, 03 February 2017 13:38

AGC of Texas Holiday Party 2016

The AGC Holiday Party in early December was such a big hit that members can expect the inaugural gathering to grow into an annual and festive event. More than 250 members and family filled the Austin Club for the holiday party that offered splendid entertainment...

Published in Jan/Feb 2017
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