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On October 20, Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss released interim legislative charges for the House of Representatives. These charges will translate into action in the form of hearings and...

Published in Nov/Dec 2011

Stress on our water supplies is on the minds of the public and the legislature, and it has only been underscored by our record setting and devastating drought. The current drought—still underway

Published in Jan/Feb 2012

During December 2011, the Texas Railroad Commission held a series of stakeholder outreach events to discuss potential changes to Chapter 18 of the Texas Administrative Code...

Published in Jul/Aug 2012

At a recent meeting with a member in North Texas, I was told AGC of Texas is an organization for Highway Contractors. I hear this quite often as I interact with members around the state, and as Director of our Municipal and Utilities Division, this doesn’t sit well with me.

Published in Mar/Apr 2012
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