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Monday, 06 May 2019 10:31

Association as Family

AGC OF TEXAS members often refer to the association as a family. In terms of both the organizational structure and the strength of unity, the metaphor is a good one.

Published in Spring 2019
Wednesday, 11 April 2018 12:16

Progress For A United Industry

My last article detailed the Chapter’s Priority One to increase the lettings for fiscal year 2018, and just one month later, I am happy to report real progress. The Highway Funding Task Force, under the leadership of Chairman Johnny Weisman, met with TxDOT Administration to examine a way to accelerate projects. The task force asked TxDOT Administration and the Texas Transportation Commission to consider accelerating projects in advance of Prop. 7 deposits.

Published in Mar/Apr 2018
Thursday, 07 December 2017 14:04

President's Message

I BEGAN THIS YEAR’S PRESIDENT’S message columns discussing the defining moments in my professional life that carved the course of my career. I have another to add to that very precious list: Serving as AGC of Texas President in 2017. While all years are unique and have their own signature moments, I am beyond fortunate to have lead this Chapter in 2017, with some of the most talented contractors I know. My grandfather’s guidance all those years ago have served me well. The work we have put into this Chapter not only lifts us up professionally, but makes us one family. My children and my bride Hillary are just as much a part of this family as I am, and they know it.

Published in Nov/Dec 2017
Thursday, 20 July 2017 09:54

What a Whirlwind!

In the time spent after the close of the regular legislative session and prior to the beginning of the first (hopefully only) special session, I am happy to report that the industry fared very well, legislatively speaking.

Published in Jul/Aug 2017
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