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When Texas Governor Rick Perry threw his hat in the presidential ring on August 13, he became the ninth Texan to make a run for the nation's top job since World War II. Born here, raised here, or spent a career ...

Published in Nov/Dec 2011

With no disrespect for a handful of candidates who would serve on the State Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals Court, the contest which will receive highest billing in Texas next March will be...

Published in Sep/Oct 2011

Please remove all those from under 18 years of age from the Capitol building. Perhaps such a sign should have been prominently posted near the granite edifice during the last ...

Published in Jan/Feb 2012

So the primaries are now done (with a handful of runoffs pending for July 31, 2012), and here is the civics lesson to tell you how your one, lonely vote can really make a difference. It is a small narrative about a very, very close race and had one of the gentlemen been on...

Published in May/Jun 2012
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