The Future of AGC

Written by  Seth Schulgen


President Schulgen presents a check to Transportation Commissioner Bruce Bugg, Jr. in the amount of $500,000 to aid TxDOT employees in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. TxDOT employees with substantially damaged or destroyed homes each received $5,000 to aid them in their recovery.

AS CONTRACTORS, WE ARE--BY DEFINITION-- always standing at a crossroads. It’s our job. We determine the most efficient means of progress in order to keep people moving with minimum of interruption. What other industries do metaphorically, we do literally every day.

Years ago, National AGC President Art Daniel addressed the Board of Directors about the possibility of creating a Future Leaders Council. He stressed the importance of fostering the next generation of leaders, and about securing the future that Chapter members had fought so hard to create. This brought about a great conversation among the contractors about the Future of AGC.

Today, I stand with two other officers of the Board -- Immediate Past President Jeff Smith and President- Elect Chad Clark—as a part of that next generation. Each of us was afforded a great deal of trust and confidence by the giants who built this Chapter and who continue to serve as its backbone. It is a responsibility and an honor I have never once taken for granted.

The success of the efforts to enjoin new generations of future leaders was also seen in the overwhelming participation of members and their families at the Management and Administrative Conferences, both of which reached record numbers two years in a row. Many of these newcomers were spouses and children.

One speaker said he had never seen a more familyinclusive event. Another member commented on how assuring it was to see member’s children grow up together at these conferences. I wholeheartedly agree—we are watching the future unfold in front of us. Rhondi, Hillary, Melanie, our children and all the families that support this association are just as vital to the future of this association as we are. Their participation is critical to our success.

The Chapter Bylaws establish three officers of the Board of Directors that represent the past, present, and future, and are designed to provide experience and continuity with each passing year. Without the active participation of each, this association will cease to exist.

As we stand at yet another crossroads, I see this concept of past, present and future play out in the unanimous approval of Jennifer Woodard as our new executive vice president. She has been a part of this Chapter since she was 16 years old, and has worked faithfully for our interests under the tutelage of Tom Johnson since then. I can think of no better person to continue the legacy we have all worked so hard to create together.

A new season is upon us as a new generation takes up leadership roles. But as always, we have the strength, wisdom and experience of those who come before us guiding the way, so that we, in turn, may guide the new generations to come.


The Officers of the 2017 Board
of Directors—Jeff Smith, Seth
Schulgen and Chad Clark--initiate
a standing ovation for Tom and
his remarkable leadership over
the last 47 years.

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