Changes at the AGC of Texas Highway, Heavy Utilities & Industrial Branch Look Ahead – Not Behind

Written by  Thomas L. Johnson

Tracy Schieffer

Tracy Schieffer—also of the Goals and Objectives Committee (not pictured opposite). Upon Jennifer’s election, Tracy noted “I understand what it takes to climb the ladder in this organization, and you have earned it.”

THE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES COMMITTEE TOOK their charge seriously recently when establishing a succession for the Chapter Executive Vice President. The committee immediately began reviewing and discussing various scenarios. Some might think that using the same pattern the Board of Directors used almost 50 years ago would be antiquated. Not so.

Brief history tells us that in 1969 when the Executive Director Jim Richards was diagnosed with cancer, the Board of Directors immediately elevated him to the newly created title of Executive Vice President. At the same time, they took a staff employee with two years of experience at AGC of Texas and made him executive secretary. One year later, upon the death of Jim Richards, the Board elevated the executive secretary to the executive vice president position.

This took place in 1970. Fortunately, the current Goals and Objectives Committee, Finance Committee and the Board of Directors did not wait for death to strike before moving forward with the leadership succession in the chapter.

A nationwide review of chief executive officer employees in trade associations clearly proved that, if at all possible, promoting from within was the favorable path to take. Existing employees know what is tradition, what works and what each of the members expects from their participation and membership in the Association.

Jennifer Woodard brings that knowledge, which was developed over the past 31 years to the association, as executive vice president. She is unusually qualified and will be able to handle the needs of the members and the leadership of this Association in the same vein that has built the strongest and best trade association in the nation with a highway market second to none.

The Board of Directors has decided to retain the services of the former executive vice president to help in an orderly transition and also to help work on our national program to ensure a greater return of our highway dollars for our highway program.

One final note: Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be a small part of building this outstanding Association with a reputation that goes well beyond the Texas borders. Your continued leadership will guide this industry into the future. Those who do not participate are indeed the losers.

Board of Directors
The 2017 AGC of Texas Board of Directors unanimously approved the election of Jennifer Woodard as executive vice president, effective with the September Board Meeting. Clockwise from left, Jeff Smith (Immediate Past President), Alfonso Fernandez, Berry O’Bryan, Chad Clark (President-Elect), Seth Schulgen (President), Trey Pebley, Barry Clark, Derek Angel, Lon Albert, Danette Shelton and Jeff Gibson.

Goals Committee
The Goals and Objectives Committee unanimously approved the election of Jennifer Woodard during its September meeting. Clockwise from left: Johnny Weisman, Terry Bryant, Dean Word, III, Zack Burkett, III, Bob Lanham, Bill Duguay, Roger Albert, Chad Clark, Seth Schulgen, Jeff Smith, Doug Walterscheid and Joe Forshage.

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