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Bob Lanham discusses accelerated construction at the Houston Accelerated Construction Workshop. The workshops are designed to foster a partnering mindset between contractors and TxDOT personnel, so projects may proceed in the most efficient manner.

Newest members

Newest member of the Texas Transportation Commission Laura Ryan, center, addressed members at the Houston Monthly Luncheon.

Maroon shirt

Brad Everett of JD Abrams, strikes up some audience participation at the We Build Texas workshops.


Randy Hopmann, TxDOT director of district operations, discusses the letting at the Beaumont Area Meeting.

Hunter Ind

Johnny Weisman (Hunter Industries) gives a contractor’s perspective on accelerated construction at the San Marco Accelerated Construction Workshop.

M Bontrager

Michael Bontrager, (J Lee Milligan), Area Chairman, enjoys a little down time after a long but informative quarterly meeting in Amarillo.

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