President's Message

Written by  Seth Schulgen

I BEGAN THIS YEAR’S PRESIDENT’S message columns discussing the defining moments in my professional life that carved the course of my career. I have another to add to that very precious list: Serving as AGC of Texas President in 2017.

While all years are unique and have their own signature moments, I am beyond fortunate to have lead this Chapter in 2017, with some of the most talented contractors I know.

My grandfather’s guidance all those years ago have served me well. The work we have put into this Chapter not only lifts us up professionally, but makes us one family. My children and my bride Hillary are just as much a part of this family as I am, and they know it.

No victory is absolute, and the work we did to secure additional funding will require more work next year and in the session to come. I am beyond pleased to have been a part of the transition team between Tom Johnson and Jennifer Woodard, and believe this Chapter is in strong and capable hands for the battles to come.

A million thanks are due to the Dean of AGC, Mr. Tom Johnson, for his 50 years (and counting) of service to this industry. We are the best in the world in large part due to him.

And a million thanks in advance are due to Mrs. Jennifer Woodard, for accepting the responsibility of leadership.

But mostly, my gratitude goes to our members. The 750+ companies who consider skill, integrity, and responsibility non-negotiable. Each member who pours his or her energy into this association to make it the strongest in the nation, and to make it a point of pride.

I look forward to working under the leadership of Chad Clark in 2018 and know that great things are in store. Thank you all for a memorable year.

AGC Texas Leaders
AGC of Texas leaders took the opportunity to show off their Texas boots during a National Chapter Leadership Conference AGC of America in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 25. (Left to right): AGC of Texas President Seth Schulgen (Williams Brothers) National AGC of America President Art Daniel (AR Daniel Construction Services), AGC of Texas Executive Vice President Jennifer Woodard, AGC of Texas President-Elect Chad Clark (Clark Construction of Texas) and AGC of Texas Immediate Past President Jeff Smith (Smith & Co.).

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