AGC Welcomes New Officers

Written by  Kristen Smith

The membership welcomed its 2018 officers at the first annual Membership Luncheon and Board of Directors Meeting, held January 3 in Austin.

three officers 

The three officers of 2017: Jeff Smith, Chad Clark, and Seth Schulgen. Before handing over the gavel, Schulgen had some choice gifts to bestow on Clark.

2017 President Seth Schulgen passed the gavel to Chad Clark of Clark Construction, who takes over leadership in 2018 (after a few gag gifts and sincere words of encouragement and confidence).

“Thank you for presenting me with this gavel,” said Clark to Schulgen. “I look forward to serving the industry as president. You did an excellent job last year, which will certainly make things a lot easier for all of us. We have an excellent board of directors and I am looking forward to a great year.”

Clark went on to encourage all members to participate in the various meetings held in their respective areas, or to engage their interests in one of the 50+ committees and task forces offered by the Chapter. He also encouraged members to contact him with ways to improve the Chapter’s service: “If there is an area where you think we should increase our level of activity, please let me or the Chapter staff know, or let your area chairman know.”

The Board convened for the first time following the luncheon—its first order of business, in a unanimous decision, was to vote for Trey Pebley as president-elect.

Trey Pebley II

Trey Pebley accepts the nomination for President-Elect. Pebley, who works for Foremost Paving, will serve as AGC's President in 2019.

When the board called for a speech, Pebley promised President Clark (who has made efficient board meetings a priority) he would be brief.

“First off, this is very humbling. I appreciate the confidence you have in me. But before I forget--because I know it will get back to her—I would like to thank my wife Kathleen for making this possible. I would also like to thank my father Howard for dragging me along to the AGC conferences as a kid, and then encouraging me to participate as I got older.

“I’d also like to thank Joe Forshage for allowing me to remain active in the association. And for all the past presidents who left their mark, in their own ways. It’s an honor to be joining them.”

President-Elect Pebley thanked both President Clark and Immediate Past President Schulgen for their partnership in the year to come.

“But the real guiding light is Mrs. Woodard, who will keep me on the straight and narrow. It’s gonna be a great few years.”

President Clark recognized the 2018 Board of Directors at the January Membership Luncheon. They are:

Mr. Chad Clark (President)

Clark Construction of Texas, Inc.

Mr. Trey Pebley (President-Elect)

Foremost Paving, Inc.

Mr. Seth Schulgen (Immediate Past President)

Williams Brothers Construction Co., Inc.

Mr. Robert Adamson

Longview Bridge & Road, Ltd.

Mr. J. Barry Clark

Peachtree Construction, Ltd.

Mr. Alfonso Fernandez

J.D. Abrams, LP

Mr. Jeff Gibson

Gibson & Associates, Inc.

Mr. Bob Kober

Knife River Corporation

Mr. Wade Miller

Big Creek Construction, Ltd.

Ms. Danette Shelton

Roadway Specialties, Inc.

Mr. Ivan Svec

Cherry Demolition Inc.

Mr. Daniel Wetzel

Allen Butler Construction, Inc.

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