AGC of Texas Posthumously Honors A.J. Clark with Life Member Award

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AJ Clark Award

The award was presented to his widow, Kathleen Kelly Clark, and attending family, from left to right: nephew Corey Clark, brother David Clark, niece Ciara Clark, Melanie Clark (wife of Chad Clark), son Cody Clark, and son Chad Clark-AGC of Texas 2018 President.

The January Membership Luncheon featured a special presentation--and very special guests--as the Chapter posthumously bestowed the Life Member Award to A.J. Clark of Clark Construction, for exceptional efforts in service on the highway industry. Clark, a longtime member and advocate of AGC of Texas, passed away in June of 2017.

Life Member Awards honor the men and women who, through extraordinary efforts, influenced the industry in a positive way. The award was presented to his widow, Kathleen Kelly Clark, and attending family: son, President Chad Clark and wife Melanie; son Cody Clark; brother David Clark; niece Ciara Clark and nephew Corey Clark.

Immediate Past President Seth Schulgen presented the award, noting the man’s modest beginnings that helped shape his life of humility and care for others.

“A.J. began his enthusiasm for work by joining his father, two brothers, and two sisters in 1978 to start a fledgling highway construction business,” Schulgen said. “Together they grew the family business from 50 to 300 employees, with A.J. knowing the company from the shovel to the accountant. A.J. inspired his employees with his humility while always treating them as his equal, and instilled in his children a firm belief that ‘you are no better than the person next to you,’ because God’s love flows equally to all people.

As a member of the association, he conveyed that philosophy of service to the industry he loved. “He was a leader in the industry and served in numerous capacities with the AGC of Texas,” said Schulgen. “He led by example and was extremely proud that his son Chad was chosen by the Board of Directors last January to serve as your 2018 president.” For the positive influence that A.J. had on this Chapter, and on the industry as a whole, we give our sincerest thanks to A.J.’s family, on behalf of a grateful association.

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