President's Message - The Power of Members Helping Members

Written by  Chad Clark

chad elizabeth

Chad and Scholarship Committee Chair Elizabeth Zwak (Hunter Industries) initiate the Live Auction portion of the Gala, raising over a million dollars for the program.

In late October, I gave a welcome speech to the first graduating class of AGC Prime Time, a course for DBE subcontractors working to expand operations in the heavy highway industry.

agc prime

Chad addresses the first graduating class of AGC’s Prime Time Series in Houston. The course is designed to provide prime contractor insight into the heavy highway industry and a subcontractor’s priorities working on TxDOT projects.

I was asked to speak about the value of AGC for developing subcontractors. In preparation, I listed every reason I could think of for a developing subcontractor to join the AGC. As I reviewed the list, it struck me that I would have written the exact list if someone had asked me why I am a member of AGC. Here’s why:

AGC is continuing education. The new member seeking bonding and surety advice or the established member learning the latest safety advancements all come to the same place. The AGC of Texas is where we go to learn about the continuously evolving rules governing this living, breathing industry.

AGC is families. It’s watching my children forge the friendships that will support them long after I am gone. It is supporting a scholarship program so that the families of our employees will remain in this industry and continue to uphold the skill, integrity, and responsibility that we are known for.

AGC is service to one’s community. It’s the certainty that if you give to your industry, it always gives back. That’s the core concept of everything I do as a member of this association.

Most importantly, AGC is “Members Helping Members.” At the Prime Time graduation, Chairman Aping remarked that a high tide lifts all boats. The course was never intended to end with the graduation. It was designed to be the beginning of their membership in the industry’s association. Like the scholarship program, this program is designed to grow our community and make it stronger.

The highway industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. On the bad days it’s enough to make a contractor throw up his hands in frustration. But most days I recognize that there is no quality more powerful in a life’s profession than having to learn something new every day. It keeps us humble, and that’s what motivates us to give back, to learn from one another, and to dedicate our time to the advancement of our unified goals.

To be able to lead an association that has meant so much to me and my family has been a profound honor. Thank you for your fellowship, your efforts, and for the opportunity to give back.

Merry Christmas to all. We’ll see you in 2019.

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