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One of the great privileges of serving as the AGC of America president is being able to meet so many members who are passionate about our industry and their involvement in this association. But never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined just how many people feel so passionately about AGC and our industry until we celebrated the association’s Centennial at the start of October.

Nearly 1,200 people attended AGC of America’s Centennial Celebration in Washington, D.C. The event took place in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center and was scheduled to coincide with a series of regular AGC meetings, including our National & Chapter Leadership Conference, our Construction Leadership Council meeting and three of our construction division meetings.

We kicked off the Centennial Celebration with a business meeting where we briefed members on the state of the association and summarized some of our key accomplishments. We highlighted key members and a chapter who are crafting innovative solutions to chronic industry challenges. And because so much of our focus throughout this Centennial has been on preparing for the future, we delved into how this industry is rapidly changing and what those changes will mean for our members and for this association.

We then got down to celebrating the association’s 100th birthday. We gathered in the Reagan Building’s magnificent Atrium - a regular site for Inaugural Galas - to toast and honor the many volunteer leaders who helped build our legacy of accomplishments. We heard a heartfelt testimonial from the spouse of a veteran whose life and family have benefited so much from the Warrior Canine Connection, the beneficiary of our AGC Charities Autodesk Centennial Operation Opening Doors project.

And we announced the first-ever winner of the AGC-Autodesk Innovation Awards Challenge. Member firm Brayman Construction Corporation and their affiliate, Advanced Construction Robotics, won for developing the TyBot to tie together rebar on bridge deck projects. The firm found a way to use technology to automate what had previously been a costly, time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

But more significant than the program was the passion so many members demonstrated for our industry and our association. You could see it in their excitement for the event, for the joy they took in sharing the evening with their friends and their peers. And you could see in how much fun they had in celebrating our accomplishments and the pride they felt for having played a vital role in building such a successful association.

Moving forward, our mission is to honor the legacy of those who came before us by taking every possible step to prepare for the future of our industry and the future of our association. That is why AGC of America’s Board of Directors has launched a multi-year Future Focus process that is designed to better understand the dramatic changes coming to our industry and make sure we offer the right mix of services and support to help members take advantage of these changes. Our goal is clear, we want to give our future members even more to celebrate one hundred years from now than we had to celebrate in 2018.

Howard and Roseann Pebley at the Centennial Celebration

AGC President Eddie Stewart, AGC Vice President Bob Lanham, AGC of Texas President Elect Trey Pebley, and Immediate Past AGC of Texas President Seth Schulgen accepting PAC Awards at the 100th Anniversary Celebration in Washington, D.C.

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