Spring Meetings and PAC Season

2019 has maintained the Chapter’s considerable support among the membership for area meetings and PAC events.

Caregivers Bill Hale was the guest speaker at the March Houston Monthly luncheon. Hale presented the department’s plan to hit a $10 billion program at TxDOT.

Work Campaign

Brownwood District Engineer Elias Rmeili, Mark Pirkle (Prater Equipment) and Eric Lykins (Brownwood Director of Construction.


Mel Connelly receives her 20-year service award from the Chapter during the Houston Monthly luncheon. Congratulations Mel on this milestone and many thanks for your continued service to the association.


Terry McCoy, Austin District Engineer, presents the Austin District Program for 2019 and 2020. Terry recently announced his retirement from the department.


Spencer Buchanan (Texcon), Jake Mullins (AWP), Knife River's Jon White and Lonnie Mitchell at the Houston PAC Sporting Clay.


Mario Jorge and Jessica Catiglione of TxDOT join Paul Montgomery and Tony Moran of DBI Services at the San Antonio PAC Golf Tournament.


Garry LeBlanc, Ted Clay, Tucker Ferguson, and Todd Dinger with TxDOT at the Beaumont PAC Golf Tournament.


Mike Holcomb, Chuck Hughes, Joe Underwood, and Johnny Weisman at the San Antonio PAC Golf Tournament.

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