Association as Family

Written by  Trey Pebley 2019 AGC of Texas President

Trey Pebley

AGC OF TEXAS members often refer to the association as a family. In terms of both the organizational structure and the strength of unity, the metaphor is a good one.

The Board of Directors and staff serve as the primary support and governing body—much like parents do for a family. The Board of Directors sets the tone of the association and establishes its direction and priorities. The staff of the AGC makes sure the Chapter resources and communications are used to support these priorities, keeping the Chapter focused and on task.

The membership itself is our extended family. Older generations impart wisdom while overseeing the education of the younger generation as they begin to assume leadership roles. A healthy balance of members of all ages creates stability for the association and assures its future.

Our fellow members are also our aunts, uncles and cousins: we don’t see each other all the time, but when we get together for the holidays or special events we have a good time and tell stories about the Good Ol’ Days. (We even have some members that fit the description of the crazy uncle; I’ll let you figure out who they are.)

My personal journey through AGC relates very strongly to this “association as family” idea because of my father, Howard Pebley, Jr., who served as president in 1997. As a teenager, my parents took my sister and me to several state and national AGC events. I remember going to the bid lettings in Austin with my Dad during the summer and even meeting President George W. Bush at an AGC of Texas event when he was running for governor of the great State of Texas. It is truly an honor to follow in my Dad’s footsteps by being the second President Pebley to this incredible organization. Maybe someday one or both of my boys will be lucky enough to serve this industry as third generation presidents.

Thanks to the hard work of President Chad Clark and all our past presidents, the Chapter is in great shape. The Chapter is financially sound, and we maintain an impeccable reputation. Our elected officials and TxDOT partners know the Chapter is always available to meet any challenges or offer sound advice.

Kathleen and I have looked forward to representing the AGC of Texas and visiting with members around the state. The AGC of Texas membership has no equal in terms of quality or participation. Because we are engaged and motivated, and because we give our time, talent and treasure (as Johnny Weisman is now famous for saying) we have earned the reputation of doing what is right for the future of this industry—and not what is politically expedient or short-sighted.

It is vitally important that all members remain engaged while the Legislature is in session. This is how we create a consensus view that reflects the needs of a healthy and prosperous industry. While the industry is in a good position, we know to be ready for all eventualities when the Legislature is in town.

Thank you all so much for allowing me to represent the AGC of Texas this year. I am humbled and honored to represent an organization that means so much to me, my family and the great State of Texas.

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