President’s Message

Written by  Trey Pebley 2019 AGC of Texas President

Trey Pebley Headshot
Trey Pebley

The first 5 months as President of AGC of Texas have been incredible. I have attended seven area meetings so far, have met new members, and have had a chance to get to know old members better. I have seen parts of our state I have never visited before. Texas sure can pack a lot of variety under its Lone Star.

I truly appreciate how gracious and inviting everybody has been throughout my travels. It’s been informative and enjoyable to listen to area contractors explain their unique opportunities and challenges.

Consistent among all areas, I’m glad to say, is the positive interaction between AGC members and TxDOT leaders at the district level. I am hoping to visit many more areas throughout the year and expect this is a constant throughout the state, despite their unique challenges.

In Austin, an active and engaged membership helped push AGC’s legislative agenda through to a successful conclusion. Though we did not anticipate significant challenges, several bills arose that required immediate action on behalf of our members. It is due to the quick action of the general and associate members who joined voices through text, emails, testimony, and personal visits that we were able to claim victory. We owe our appreciation and thanks to the staff that diligently monitored the progress of over 7,000 bills so that we weren’t caught unaware.

This activism is what sets us apart from other associations. The fact that our members are personally and financially invested in building a better Texas makes our collective voices that much stronger. The legislators know AGC members are well informed and know how to work for the long term and not what is politically expedient and short-lived. The contractors of AGC of Texas have cultivated a reputation over the last almost 100 years that others cannot. I encourage everybody to continue to build upon the existing relationships you have with your legislators and to visit new legislators as they return to their districts.

I want to personally thank Tracy Schieffer for heading up the Legislative Drafting & Review Committee this year. Tracy, along with all the members of the committee, did a fantastic job of reviewing and tracking pertinent legislation as it made its way through the sausage grinder. The committee’s comments gave Jennifer Woodard, Steven Albright, Karen Rove, Carolyn Brittin and Tracey Borders the insight needed to effectively communicate our positions on all the various pieces of legislation. Steven, Karen, Carolyn and Tracey deserve a round of applause for all their hard work and dedication this session. I want to personally thank Jennifer Woodard for calmly directing our Legislative Staff and leading our membership through the legislative session.

It has been an incredible 2019 so far, and we have much to celebrate as we enjoy the summer conference season. We will also have much to be thankful for as we prepare for the Scholarship Gala and Christmas party. I look forward to sharing all these moments of fun and thanksgiving with you and your families.

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