Executive Vice President’s Report


Jennifer Woodward

Jennifer Woodard greets
members at the 2019
Management Conference, which
marked the 50th Anniversary of
the conference.

It is hard to believe that 2019 is believe that 2019 is entering the fourth quarter and we are close to wrapping up another successful year for the chapter. The first half of 2019 was consumed by the legislative session and all the important work that AGC must do when legislators are in Austin and considering new laws.

The summer did not present much down time for the Chapter, either. The 50th anniversary of the Management Conference was celebrated in gorgeous West Palm Beach at the historic Breakers. A record-breaking crowd of close to 400 enjoyed time with family, friends, and great industry discussions.

In July, the Administrative Conference continued the trend of increased attendance and participation across all sectors of the membership. It was an excellent session at the always enjoyable JW Marriott in San Antonio.

The Executive Safety Conference followed at the end of August. The joint conference, held in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation, hosted 44 people with very timely and beneficial discussions about critical safety issues.

September featured the 9th Annual Scholarship Gala. It was another spectacular display of generosity by the AGC of Texas membership and over $1.1 million was raised to support the Chapter Scholarship Program and the deserving recipients pursuing their education and careers in the construction industry. Charlie Daniels Band played an extended show and provided an entertaining and patriotic performance for all those in attendance.

Just like that _ it is October and the holidays are mere weeks away.

When President Pebley gaveled the Board in at the January meeting, he emphasized his commitment to the membership and to participating and engaging in all aspects of Chapter business. The successes of 2019 are due in large part to the efforts of the membership and the willingness of so many to “step up” and be involved.

That involvement took place during the session, in our conferences, and at the Gala—but also in the day-to-day of our area meetings, PAC fundraisers, charitable activities, forecast events, and committees and task forces. Attendance and participation have not just increased in the big events; it has been evident all year long at every gathering AGC of Texas hosts or sponsors. The Chapter is the unified voice of the Texas highway construction industry because we represent so many active voices. We can speak on the critical issues facing transportation in our state because we have active participation from all sectors of the industry.

Of the hot topics heading into the fall, here are a few:

Safety: The Executive Safety Conference featured presentations on intelligent transportation systems, mental health issues in our workforce, and leadership. The work our Safety Committee, together with TxDOT, does to promote a high-level safety culture in our industry is current, relevant, and forward-thinking.

Workforce Development: This is arguably one of the industry’s biggest current and future challenges. President Clark appointed a brand-new committee to address workforce issues in 2018, and as this year closes, the group is close to embarking on a plan to provide resources and support to the membership.

DBE Issues: The DBE Committee, under the direction of Chair Tracey Aping, has provided exceptional outreach and support to the DBE community through the Prime Time Program. This industry-led initiative has received high praise from the department, legislators, and most importantly the DBE firms across the state who have participated to date. There is more to come from this group as they look to expand the Prime Time model in more areas.

The list of services and programs offered by the Chapter is long and distinguished. There is no doubt that as new issues and challenges emerge, the AGC of Texas organization and the membership will continue to meet them. If 2019 is any indication of future success, we are certainly on the right track.

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