President's Message - End of Year Report

Written by  TREY PEBLEY

Chad Clark Past President

At the November Monthly Luncheon, Past President Chad Clark gave President Pebley the heavyweight champion award for most money raised at the Scholarship Gala.

There's a saying among the passt presidents that by the end of your term as president, you are ready for your term as president. As I prepare for these final months, the truth of that statement shines through. It is amazing how much I learned while leading this Chapter, and I have an abundance of gratitude for this membership and its ability to make leaders of all of us.

We are fortunate to have a three-officer system in AGC of Texas, which provides a year getting used to the process before your term, support during your term, and a year educating those that come after. We are fortunate to have Jennifer Woodard at the helm, who truly understands our mission and has the experience to execute it with confidence and grace. Most importantly, we are fortunate that we have the most active membership in the country, so that when an issue arises, we have the literal best of the best working on the industry’s behalf.

My roots into this membership grew deeper this year. Being able to lead this Chapter has given me greater appreciation for the power of our message, of our ability to unite for the greater good, and for the community that my family and I have grown with over the years. Getting a seat at the table during the legislative process provided me clear evidence that our legislative and PAC activities make a huge impact on our effectiveness come session.

As the Christmas Season draws near, I am so very thankful for the experience this has provided me, both professionally and as a way to share my profession with my family. While I know we will hit the ground running in January, I am also so very grateful to give thanks for the good work this association has done, and for the good times we’ve had with its members.

Merry Christmas to all, and I’ll see you in 2020.

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