Executive Vice President’s Report

Written by  Jennifer Woodard

And then suddenly, it's December. It seems like every January we begin the year at break-neck speed, with the expectation that activity will soon shift to a more reasonable pace. And then, suddenly, it’s December. That has certainly been the case in 2019, without any indication our priorities will take a break for the Christmas Season and patiently wait until 2020.

In my 34 years working for the members of this Chapter, I have never had the same day twice. Each year is distinct from the last, defined by our challenges and victories. 2019 had its share of both.

Members fared very well throughout the legislative session, preserving our fledgling funding sources, while at the same time avoiding dozens of negative bills regulating APOs, with a promise from our legislators to provide us an opportunity to create a better plan.

We continue to work well with the department by providing much needed feedback on the effectiveness of their policies and procedures to ensure we have the most efficient, safe, and productive highway program in the country.

For the second year in a row, we raised over a million dollars for the Scholarship Foundation, marking a huge milestone for the future of this industry.

And for every major statewide headline, we have our share of family anecdotes. From the okra patties of East Texas to the fishing tales in South Texas, the charitable endeavors of our North Texas members, the “safe” doves in West Texas, and the longstanding tradition of the Annual El Paso Christmas Party—each area has its unique flavor.

I am thankful for these stories, for the victories, and even the challenges. Once again, we will begin the New Year with major issues needing immediate attention. I have no doubt that under 2020 President Robert Adamson’s lead, we will be able to celebrate a unique year full of victories and challenges, as we always do.

Happy holidays to all our AGC families, our partners, and our legislatives leaders. Be safe, and I look forward to the opportunities that 2020 brings.

Jennifer Woodard Pointing

Jennifer Woodard puts the high bidders on notice as President Pebley kicks off the live auction portion of the 2019 Scholarship Gala. The event drew over one million dollars for the second year in a row.

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