Why the Entire Construction Industry Needs to Vote

Written by  Stephen E. Sandherr

I voted

As November 3rd approches, it is important to remember that elections have consequences. And with the nation continuing to suffer the impacts of the coronavirus, economic downturn and social unrest, the outcome of this year’s election will have a profound effect on the fate of our industry and the direction of our economy.

Beyond belonging to this association, however, the most effective way to control events in Washington is for the entire industry to get out and vote. And by industry, I mean everyone working at every level of construction.

The good news is we are making sure all members have the resources they need to get their teams registered to vote, educated about the candidates, and ready to vote. Indeed, AGC has created a special online resource, advocacy. agc.org/vote, that includes information on where and how to register to vote.

The site also includes detailed analyses we have prepared about the candidates and their support for the construction industry. We have even included information on the location of your local polling places.

One of the most valuable resources available on advocacy. agc.org/vote are the association’s nonpartisan Get Out the Vote materials. These resources include all the details you need to help and encourage your entire teams to get out and cast informed votes on election day.

I encourage everyone to review and download these resources and share them with your teams. Voting is at the essence of our democracy, and we should make sure everyone in our industry is exercising this incredible right.

No matter the outcome this November, the most important thing is that our industry makes sure its voice has been heard. There is a saying in Washington that if you aren’t at the table, you are on the menu. Voting is the easiest way to pull up to that table. And the one sure prediction I can make about this upcoming election is that if our industry does not vote in substantial numbers, we will not like what Washington is serving.

So, please, make sure you get your entire teams out to vote by November 3rd.

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