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Board Members

Board members sit two-to-a-table at the lunch prior to the November 2020 Board of Directors meeting.


Johnny Weisman, Adam Rhodes, Glen Dvorak and Nathan Gordon at the PAC Dove Hunt, held at the Flying W Ranch.

Skeet Shoot

Margie Boyd, Greg Boyd, Representative Kyle Kacal, Steven Albright and Chad Thomas of AL Helmcamp at the 5th Annual AP Boyd Skeet Shoot.

Distance Meet

The November Board of Directors meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency Austin, next door to the Chapter Office, to allow for ample distancing between board members.

 State Reps

State Representative Tracey King speaks to attendees at the San Antonio PAC Dove Hunt

 Introduces Pete

Steven Albright introduces Pete Sessions and State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson prior to the Waco Golf Tournament. Sessions won his bid to replace retiring Congressman Flores and will represent the district beginning in 2021.

Kal Kincaid

President-Elect Kal Kincaid at the November BOD meeting. Kal will take leadership of the Chapter at the January 2021 Board of Directors meeting.

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