FOLLOWING FEBRUARY’S historic winter storm which brought subfreezing temperatures and icy road conditions to every corner of our state, TxDOT Commissioner Alvin New commended the work of AGC members to keep roads open and safe for travel.

“That is a higher calling – to serve others,” said New. I couldn’t agree more. To answer the calls for assistance by our industry partner during unknown and treacherous circumstances is remarkable.

To leave your families and the safety of your homes to venture into severe weather and dangerous conditions is commendable.

To operate crews and work around the clock for days on end, fighting against frozen diesel lines and expertly operating graders on bridges layered with ice, is exceptional. To do all of this without hesitation with both a sense of humility and humor is honorable.

I could not be prouder of this organization’s members and your commitment to doing everything in your power to keep your fellow Texans safe and roadways open for travel during February’s extreme weather event.

Please know that the work you do matters, and your swift response and diligence was noticed, was appreciated, and will not be forgotten.

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