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AGC Chapter Office

future of AGC’s chapter office generated discussion at the Board of Director’s April 6 meeting.

The board authorized AGC of Texas Executive Vice President Jennifer Woodard to explore plans to modernize the chapter headquarters.

The 41-year-old building sits on prime Austin real estate on the fringe of Downtown Austin and remains a convenient location for state leaders, legislators and TxDOT officials to visit.

The project could result in topping the two-story building with an additional floor, though City of Austin building codes and parking requirements could complicate the plan.

The board also discussed the possibility of resuming monthly board meetings in the AGC building as early as June.

The Board has not met in its traditional board room setting for more than a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are yearning to return to some semblance of normalcy.

Jennifer Woodard VISITS
AGC Executive Vice President Jennifer
Woodard visits with Johnny Weisman
(Hunter Industries, Ltd.) before the
Board of Directors meeting.

leads the Board
AGC President Kal Kincaid (Gulf Coast,
a CRH Company) leads the Board of
Directors meeting.

AGC President Kal Kincaid, Executive
Vice President Jennifer Woodard, and
President-Elect David Casteel during the
board meeting on April 6.

Members indicated a preference to return to the board room for monthly meetings. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the board to meet remotely via Zoom meetings from last April through the September meeting. Since then, the directors have met monthly at the nearby Hyatt Regency, where larger rooms provide ample social distancing space.

“We are grateful that the pandemic has subsided and that our AGC of Texas events and activities can once again be held safely in-person,” said AGC Executive Vice President Jennifer Woodard. “While the chapter leadership and Board of Directors have been conducting in-person business since October within the health and safety protocols dictated by COVID, we are thrilled to return to the chapter office. We look forward to enjoying more opportunities for the membership to gather together as the year progresses.”

“There’s no lack of desire to get back as quickly as we can,” said AGC of Texas President Kal Kincaid.

“We have learned a lot about what it takes to prevent, and we have worked hard for a year to get to where we are,” longtime AGC of Texas leader Johnny Weisman told board members.

Eye-to-eye contact and people-to-people relationships are vital, he added, while advocating that AGC “push the envelope a little bit to get back to normal.”

Those not comfortable in participating in a smaller setting can still participate via Zoom and the internet. “It should be an individual decision about what you should do,” Weisman continued. “People are dying to get back to personal contact. We all know the risks.”

Jennifer suggested the double entry doors into the board room remain open during the summer board meetings with staff and others participating from the lobby area.

“We need to get back to normal,” longtime AGC of Texas leader Roger Albert agreed. “If people want to wear a mask, they can.”

Resumption of membership lunches (typically at either the Four Seasons or Hyatt Regency in Austin) will happen when it makes sense, possibly this summer, Kal said.

Other larger AGC events, such as the fall Scholarship Gala and the December holiday party, will likely return after their respective cancellations last year.

Austin hotels are still following health-related protocols and guidelines but remain optimistic about accommodating large events by the fall.

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