Kal Kincaid Takes Top Position at AGC of Texas


NEW AGC OF TEXAS PRESIDENT KAL Kincaid thanked outgoing president Robert Adamson Wednesday (Jan. 6) after officially taking over the chapter’s top leadership role for the next year.

Kincaid, president of Gulf Coast, a CRH company, said he was humbled by his colleagues’ confidence in him, adding he would likely reach out for guidance.

“I don’t have any qualms about doing that,” he told members at the January board of directors meeting. “I don’t have any qualms about doing that. I will do the best job I can. I will work very hard, and I will definitely use all the resources I can.”

It was important for him, as his first official duty, to recognize and thank Adamson for his leadership during the difficult and historic COVID-19 pandemic, which forced changes in everyone’s lives.

“The role of president comes with its own set of challenges. If you overlay that with the (COVID) landscape we dealt with in this industry, it was extra difficult,” Kincaid said. “I had the advantage of being with Robert a lot. I appreciate (his) leadership and very sound advice. We had a really incredible person at the helm to deal with this.”

David Casteel of Williams Brothers Construction was elected president-elect.

Kincaid Expresses
President Kincaid expresses his deep appreciation for the work performed by Past President Adamson amidst extremely challenging circumstances and for the excellent shape maintained by the Chapter into 2021.

"The role of president comes with its own set of challenges. If you overlay that with the (Covid) landscape we dealt with in this industry, it was extra difficult."

David Casteel
David Casteel (Williams Brothers) was unanimously voted president-elect at the January 2021 Board of Directors meeting. David will lead the Chapter beginning January of 2022

The COVID-19 global pandemic brought tough challenges to most businesses, including the highway construction industry, which earned distinction as an “essential” business. Highway construction continued in 2020, although at reduced levels.

“There is a strong desire to ‘get back to normal,’ and I look forward to facilitating that as much as we can safely do,” Kincaid said. “Additionally, with this being a legislative session year, I am excited to work with our members and our great AGC staff to ensure that funding of highway work is prioritized – as the will of the voters indicated it should be in their overwhelming passage of Propositions 1 and 7.”

Kincaid joined Gulf Coast, a CRH company, in 1991 after a five-year career at TxDOT following his college graduation. The business started in 1945 as Trotti & Thompson and operates in the Greater Beaumont/Houston market. Kincaid became company president in 2005.

Most of Gulf Coast’s projects consist of grading, asphalt and concrete paving and bridge building. The company employs 250 people in its Beaumont, Jasper and Houston operations.

Kincaid and wife, Lisa, are lifelong residents of the Beaumont area. The couple has one daughter (Kara Michael) and two grandchildren. Kal is a graduate of Lamar University.

He has been a longtime leader in the Beaumont community, sitting on the board of directors for the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity, Better Business Bureau and Lamar Construction Management Advisory board. He also remains active in the Beaumont Rotary Club. Gov. Greg Abbott appointed Kincaid to the Lower Neches Valley Authority in 2018.

Adamson Passes2020 President Robert Adamson passes the gavel to Kal Kincaid as he assumes his leadership role in the association.

Casteel, a vice president at Williams Brothers, spent 28 years at TxDOT, retiring in 2011 as assistant executive director for field and district operations. Roger Albert nominated Casteel for president-elect of AGC of Texas – praising Casteel for his decades of leadership in the industry and for his outstanding personality.

“Thank you, Mr. Albert for a wonderful nomination. I did not know who he was talking about there for a moment. It was very nice,” Casteel said. “I look forward to humbly accepting this.”

"There is a strong desire to ‘get back to normal’ and I look forward to facilitating that as much as we can safely do."


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