Sep/Oct 2017

Sep/Oct 2017

IT’S NO SECRET THAT TEXAS COMMUNITIES AND water providers face significant water needs over the next 50 years. As the state continues to grow its population and economy, it must continue to develop its ability to provide water—without new water infrastructure, the state could face a shortfall of over 8 million acre-feet of water per year in 2070. Fortunately, the 2017 State Water Plan identifies approximately 2,500 specific projects utilizing over 5,500 water management strategies to meet those water needs.

THE 85TH REGULAR SESSION OF THE TEXAS Legislature, which ended on May 29, was a busy time filled with good news for TxDOT. Just to give you an idea of how busy the session was, our State Legislative Affairs staff monitored 880 bills that had the potential to directly affect the agency or that could impact transportation policy in Texas. But the star of the session’s activities – at least as far as transportation goes – was the passage of S.B. 312, or TxDOT’s Sunset Bill. As you may know, TxDOT has undergone Sunset review three times in the past decade – 2009, 2011 and in 2017.

LEGENDARY TOM JOHNSON STEPPED ASIDE AS EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF AGC of Texas on Wednesday, September 6, after helping lead the association and the state’s highway construction industry for more than a half century. In his typical self-effacing manner, Tom thanked AGC members during brief remarks to the Chapter Board of Directors. “I have enjoyed every day working for you and I will enjoy every day as I work a little less for you but still as meaningful. It’s been a great run, and thank you,” he said, receiving standing applause.

THE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES COMMITTEE TOOK their charge seriously recently when establishing a succession for the Chapter Executive Vice President. The committee immediately began reviewing and discussing various scenarios. Some might think that using the same pattern the Board of Directors used almost 50 years ago would be antiquated. Not so. Brief history tells us that in 1969 when the Executive Director Jim Richards was diagnosed with cancer, the Board of Directors immediately elevated him to the newly created title of Executive Vice President.

AS CONTRACTORS, WE ARE--BY DEFINITION-- always standing at a crossroads. It’s our job. We determine the most efficient means of progress in order to keep people moving with minimum of interruption. What other industries do metaphorically, we do literally every day. Years ago, National AGC President Art Daniel addressed the Board of Directors about the possibility of creating a Future Leaders Council. He stressed the importance of fostering the next generation of leaders, and about securing the future that Chapter members had fought so hard to create. This brought about a great conversation among the contractors about the Future of AGC.

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