Leaders of the Texas Mexican American Legislative Caucus made a pitch for the U.S. Census and port infrastructure Wednesday while also reminding AGC members of the state’s continuing population transformation.

Richard McElhaney and three other construction crew members considered the training session fairly routine. They didn’t huddle for a safety reminder. But the training exercise for a 20,000 psi water lance ended catastrophically when one of McElhaney’s co-workers lost control.

The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted all of society with necessary changes – not all of them bad, agreed the TxDOT district engineer panel during the second session of AGC’s virtual conference series, held August 24. People and businesses have found ways to improvise and old attitudes are changing, they said.

The on-going struggle with the COVID-19 virus could restrict Capitol access to the public during the upcoming legislative session, when budget problems will likely force the highway construction industry to play defense, some Texas lawmakers told AGC members during the kickoff session of the AGC of Texas virtual conference series on August 20.

As November 3rd approches, it is important to remember that elections have consequences. And with the nation continuing to suffer the impacts of the coronavirus, economic downturn and social unrest, the outcome of this year’s election will have a profound effect on the fate of our industry and the direction of our economy.

When last I wrote for the magazine, we found ourselves at the start of a nation-wide pandemic. Six months later, we are still there. However, the chapter and our industry have not only survived, but in many ways, we have thrived.

What will become of the Scholarship Program without your support? Last year, after another record-breaking amount raised at the Scholarship Gala, I joked to a full board room that I would remember every promise made by members who said they would be there for me next year to help set yet another record.

At TXDOT, we're constantly moving to get projects delivered effectively and efficiently. Today, we have more than $20 billion worth of construction and maintenance projects underway across the state.

What sets the AGC of America Annual Convention apart from similar events organized by the other industry groups is that this is the only event of its kind organized by and for contractors.

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