The accuracy of TxDOT’s archives depends largely on the builders—and their family members— who can fill in dates, locations, and people.

NEW AGC OF TEXAS PRESIDENT KAL Kincaid thanked outgoing president Robert Adamson Wednesday (Jan. 6) after officially taking over the chapter’s top leadership role for the next year.

IF ANYONE WAS WONDERING ABOUT the new Biden administration’s regulatory approach, it didn’t take long to see their zeal for red tape. Within the first three days of his administration, President Biden issued a flurry of executive orders.

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (U.S. DOT) Secretary-designate Pete Buttigieg wants to build on the Senate’s 2019 bipartisan highway reauthorization bill, study new funding measures, and examine opportunities for additional project delivery reforms.

THE NEW YEAR HAS ALREADY PROVEN to be full of challenges and important work for the chapter. On Tuesday, January 12, the Texas Legislature convened for the 87th Session.

WE ARE TAUGHT FROM AN EARLY age that the United States has three branches of government. But as highway contractors working in a heavily regulated environment, we could easily argue that government agencies have enough regulatory power to be considered the fourth.

Fall has always been one of my favorite times of the year. The weather starts to cool. The holiday season is beginning. But about three years ago, this time of year became less cheerful for me.


Despite a lot of money spent and growing anticipation surrounding the election, there was no blue wave in Texas this election cycle.

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