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Wow, What A Great Year.

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I was told by several people a year ago that this year would fly by, and they were right. I am now wondering if I will have withdrawal symptoms come January—NOT. It has been a great experience for me personally, and I want to say thank you to all those folks who had faith in me being the quasi-voice of AGC of Texas. I have done the best I could, and I do not believe I pulled any of my uh-oh stunts in front of anyone that did not already know me. I am of course not including the summer board attire or the tattooed arms that came out early in the year.

Joking aside, the year has been busy for AGC of Texas. Between getting prepared for the legislative session, working with the Comptroller’s office to refine the maintenance material RFP, dealing with the new DBE regs coming down from FHWA, working with the TCEQ on their new regs for pits, quarries, and borrow pits, and the multitude of other issues that came around, your AGC staff and committees have had their hands full.

I want to commend Past President Bob Lanham and his Highway Funding Task Force on the excellent work they have done on the “Cost of Doing Nothing” information packet that will be going to all the state legislators in the near future. The information contained in these documents is vital to assuring all the members of the legislature fully understand what has to happen with highway funding. Also put together by the Task Force were two smaller pamphlets designed for you, the members of AGC of Texas, to take to your social and civic groups to help spread the word to the voting public. I encourage you to do this at every opportunity.

Another item created by the Task Force is a website which all citizens of Texas can visit and send a letter to their legislators asking them to fund highway construction. Please distribute this website address to everyone you know. The address is on the aforementioned pamphlets, so all you have to do is distribute them to your friends and neighbors and they will have all the information they need.

We enjoyed a great time in Santa Fe at the Management Conference and an equally good time on South Padre Island at the Administrative Conference. I encourage all of you to take advantage of the networking opportunities that are afforded at these events. Our staff does a tremendous job of putting these together every year and bringing in speakers who are afforded the chance to speak to a group of friends without having to worry about their meeting agendas possibly ending up as a twisted statement in some news article.

The Scholarship Gala was a tremendous success bringing in over $500,000 to our scholarship program. Thank you to all who participated in this event either as sponsors, item donators, buyers, or staff members. Without the dedication you folks give to this event we could not continue to help fifty-plus young people achieve their education goals in fields related to our industry. I think we all know we have to grow our future leaders from within our ranks, and the best place to start is during their years in school.

One of my goals for this year was to find a way to encourage younger people to get involved in the activities of AGC. Thanks to Brian Lee of The Lane Construction Group, that goal is becoming a reality in the DFW area. Once the ground work is in place for this group, I intend to push for it to expand to other metro areas. As I said above, we must grow our leaders from within and this is another area from which they will grow. Thank you, Brian, for your outstanding efforts.

Well, I know more happened this year than I have mentioned, but you need to know that your board and committees work hard every month doing their best to improve our industry and deal with all the regulatory changes. I encourage each of you to find a place to participate, as we will all benefit from everyone’s participation. Lastly, I want to thank our incredible staff. You have made my year on the throne easy and have made me look good despite me trying to thwart your efforts. I am sure it will come as a shock to most of you but there is a very small streak within me that tends to escape occasionally and make me do or say things that probably are better left undone or unsaid. Oh well, you won’t have to worry much longer.

I wish good luck to our President Elect, Mr. Forshage; I know you will lead us well.

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