AGC of Texas Gets New Life Members

Written by  AGCTX

Every year, the AGC of Texas sends out a call for nominations of Life Members. Life Member Awards are bestowed in appreciation to members who, through extraordinary efforts, influenced the industry in a positive way.


This year, four members were recognized for their achievements with Life Member status.


Stanley Knight worked for Zack Burkett Company many years ago. Then, Stanley and Sarge Strickland formed Strickland and Knight. Years later, Sarge retired and Stanley continued bidding as Knight Construction Co., along with his son Stanley Knight, Jr. until he retired.


Pat Worrell worked for J.D. Abrams LP for thirty-five years, and is a third generation bridge builder. His first job with Abrams was Mountain Creek Lake Bridge, and his many other jobs throughout the years can be seen all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.


Tim Word served as president of the “Texas Highway-Heavy Branch,” which we now know as the AGC of Texas, in 1979, and was president of the AGC of America in 1995. Tim has served in many capacities on the national and state levels.


Frank Hodges worked for Harry Newton, Inc. until Harry’s death, and then went to work for Harry’s brother-in-law, Zack Burkett. In 1982 Frank started Hodges and Son Construction, which he turned over to his son Damon in 2000. Frank went on a mission trip to Honduras where he developed a passion for work there and now goes there several times a year and is known as “Poppa Frank” throughout the state of Olancho.


With deep gratitude, we thank these men for their service to the industry, and we add them to the ranks of Life Members who have come before them over the course of eighty-nine years of the AGC of Texas’ existence.


Life Member1 Life member2
Stanley Knight Pat Worrel
Life member3 Life member4
Tim Word

Frank Hodges

*Jim Abrams, Sr.

*Bill Adams

*William Allan

*James W. Anderson

*Ross Anglin, Sr.

Jim Averill

Bob Bailey

*Earl Bailey

*Joe Davis Ballenger

*W. T. Ballenger

Richard Barth

Phillip E. Becker

Bob Beal

*J. L. Bertram

*Bill Bishop

*Joe Bland

A.P. Boyd

W. R. Boyd

E. Jack Brown

*T. B. Brown

*John Buckner

*B. C. Burba

*Zack Burkett

Charlie Burnett

*R. B. Butler

*Bryan H. “Buddy” Carl

Lonnie Carroll

*H. V. “Bubba” Caver

*Bruce B. Cloud, Sr.

*Leo P. Cloud, Jr.

*Bryant M. Collins

*Vic Cours

George P. Cullum

*M. L. Dalton

W. E. Dalton

*Ivan Dement

*Laurence J. Derrick

Herb Dickehut

C. P. Downing

Wilbur D. Duffey

*James W. Dunn

Kenneth Evans

*R. T. Farr

Jones G. Finke

Don Foran

*William Foran

Eddie Forshage

Ed Fulbright

*J. Mark Fuller

*Leon Furlong

*W. H. Fursman

Jack Garey

*S. W. Gaylord Jr.

*Odell Geer

*L. P. Gilvin

*H. Q. Haile

*Fred Hall, Jr.

*E. M. Hammond

Jon T. Hansen

*Thomas W. Hansen

F. W. Heldenfels, III

*Bill Herod

Bob Hinds

Frank Hodges

Ray Hodgson

*Hugh E. Holland

John G. Holland, Sr.

*Earl Hood, Jr.

*Ranney Hood

Vicki Howard

*W. W. Huitt

*B. R. Jones

John Jordan

*Allen Keller

*Paul Keller

*H. S. Kerr

*Graber Kidwell

Stanley Knight

*Jerry Lacy

*Norman Larson

*Joe T. Lee

*T. H. Lee

Harold Lott

*A. B. Mahan

*C. T. Martin

Chester Martin

*Harold Dean Martin

Tim Martin

*JoAnn McGehee

B.G. McGinnis

*V. C. McGinnes

Jes McIver

*A. J. McKenzie, Sr.

*R. W. McKinney

*W. G. McKnight

H.G. “Gil” McMillan

*Richard Menefee

Jack A. Miller

*Walter Mischer

*Billy Moore

*Chester Moore

*Lloyd Moore

*M. G. Moore

*Raymond Moore

Haskell Motheral

*Elmer Nooner

Philip Parker

*Robert Parnell

Jeff Payne

*Whitey Payne


*Robert Pugh

Glenn Quick

*R. W. Ramey

*John W. Ratliff

*George Rayburn

Joe “Butch” Richards

Tom Robertson

*Wayne Saunders

*Charles Schmidt

*E. C. Schwope

*E. C. Schwope, Jr.

Nathan Shack

C. V. Sheffield

*Harold Shockley

Steve Singleton

*Russell Smith

*W. B. Snellgrove

Bill Solomon

*Henry L. Stafford

*Tom F. Steele

Gerald Stephens

Ernest Strain

*Hunter Strain

*J. H. Strain

James Strain

*A. D. Strebeck

G. G. Strickland

*R. T. Swilling, Jr.

*J. T. Thompson

Jack H. Traylor

*J. C. Trueheart

*J. P. Truelove

*L. C. “Cayce” Tubb

*Gilbert Turner

Wayne Vessels

*A. M. Vogel

*Virgil T. Walker

*Delbert R. Ward

*Ross Watkins

*Leslie West

*Ralph D. Whitttle

*Dean Williams

James Williams

*M. G. Williams

*Raymond Wise

*E. T. Withers

Tim Word

Pat Worrell

F.M. Young

*H. B. Zachry




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