Bringing Transparency to TxDOT Local Let Projects

Written by  Russel Lenz

A frequent agenda item at the Joint Committee is the need for better managed information and processes concerning TxDOT funding of locally let projects. In the past few years, TxDOT has worked with AGC of Texas to bring more transparency and efficiency to its website when looking at the local let schedule; however, due to the nature of that schedule, problems have persisted.

Working with TxDOT divisions, offices, and districts in the last several months, AGC of Texas has assembled a new project listing. This listing includes all TxDOT locally let projects through fiscal year 2014. The projects are separated by district and listed in order of anticipated letting date.

The information shown in the listing of projects includes the county, CSJ number, highway, project limits, type of work, the estimated letting date, and the estimated construction cost. In addition, the new listing also identifies the name of the local entity responsible for project delivery including design, construction, inspection, and contract administration. We hope this proves to be a useful tool for contractor members.

The project listing is subject to change and based on the local entity’s project development schedule and possible funding considerations. Since the information in the project list will undoubtedly change throughout the course of project delivery, updates to the list are anticipated on six month intervals. The information provided will afford contractors the opportunity to engage the responsible local entity in discussions relating to the status of plan development and proposed project letting status.

To view the local project listings, members can go to the “Highway Letting Information” link on the top right navigation panel. The Local Let Project Forecast is at the top right.

Please note that this is a members’ only page, so you will have to register for access if you have not already done so. Click “Register” at the top left of the screen and follow the instructions. We’d love to hear your feedback, so if you have any comments at all, send them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Local Agency Contacts
In an effort to further strengthen the quality of information we have, we are working to build our relationships with local infrastructure partners throughout the state. As work in local areas throughout the state continues, and, perhaps, increases, AGC members are consistently looked to for their expertise and ability to deliver much needed projects. We are working to communicate with cities, counties, and regional mobility authorities on the value added to infrastructure projects through increased dialogue. Contacts have already been made with multiple local entities and municipalities regarding their respective infrastructure programs. In each case, the local entity has been excited about the involvement of the AGC and welcomes our participation. They welcome our efforts to create new lines of communication and enhance those that currently exist. Work in this area will be ongoing with additional meetings being scheduled to expand our coverage of local agencies.

Russel Lenz is the Director of Heavy, Municipal and Utility Divisions of the AGC of Texas.

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