Local Government Project Procedures (LGPP)

Written by  Russel Lenz

The AGC has accepted an invitation to serve as a member of TxDOT’s Advisory Committee for the update of the Local Government Project Procedures (LGPP). The LGPP is a document used by TxDOT and local government agency partners for locally managed transportation projects receiving reimbursement of funds from TxDOT. Funding for these projects can include federal funds, state funds or a combination of both.

The LGPP is a dynamic document which is periodically updated as necessary to address changes to state and federal laws and regulations, and TxDOT’s policies and procedures. The current document was developed more than five years ago and includes minor updates since the initial development. With the passage of MAP-21 and recently implemented organizational changes within TxDOT, they believe this is an opportune time to complete a comprehensive update of the LGPP. An update of the corresponding LGPP training program will also be completed with the update of the LGPP document.

The Local Government Projects Office will be leading the efforts of the LGPP update and the development of the desired training and related materials. An Executive Committee has been established to review progress on the LGPP update, provide guidance to the working group, review and approve the LGPP for submission to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for approval, and serve as liaisons to their agency peers. Members of the Executive Committee include:

David Millikan – Director, Local Government Projects Office

Bill Hale – Dallas District Engineer

Mario Jorge – Pharr District Engineer

Mark Marek – Director, Design Division

John Obr – Director, Construction Division

Al Alonzi – Deputy Division Director, FHWA

Brett Jackson – LPA Coordinator, FHWA

The LGPP Advisory Committee will meet every two months to review progress on the LGPP update, develop an understanding of applicable federal and state regulations, provide user community input on content and format of the update, and serve as a liaison to the user community. The Advisory Committee consists of Executive Committee members plus a representative from the Associated General Contractors of Texas, Texas Association of County Engineers and Road Administrators, Texas Public Works Association, Texas Municipal League, Association of Texas Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Toll Agencies and the American Council of Engineering Companies.

TxDOT expects to complete the LGPP document and submit it to the FHWA for approval at the end of 2013. Implementation of the updated LGPP document and delivery of the corresponding training is anticipated to occur within the next 12 months.

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