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Executive Vice President - March/April 2014

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The level of activity with regard to passage of our constitutional amendment to increase our highway funding by 1.4 billion dollars is incredible. To date, we have not had any resistance or lack of cooperation at any level. In a recent meeting with Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Joe Straus, we had an extremely candid and positive review of our campaign goals and the responsibility that the chapter officers have taken to ensure passage of this vital legislation. One of the most fascinating parts of the campaign will be the social media. We anticipate that we will develop a social media contact list that will involve somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 individuals. We witnessed during a recent U.S. Senatorial race just how effective social media can be with regard to distributing vital campaign information.

The members of the legislature have also decided to put a full court press on this issue. In visits with State Senator Robert Nichols and State Representative Larry Phillips, we found that there was a commitment to ensure passage of the constitutional amendment. I am taking the liberty of printing the full letter that was recently sent by Senators Nichols and John Whitmire and Representatives Phillips and Joe Pickett to show the bi-partisan support that we have on passage of this vital legislation:

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