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AGC Membership Recognizes Members for their Service

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The March/April issue of Infrastructure is always scheduled to ship with the chapter’s Membership Directory and Annual Report. Which is why it is particularly fitting that in this issue, we also recognize those members who have taken leadership roles in this association: active members who served on the Board of Directors or chaired a committee or task force, or former members who have distinguished themselves as a force for progress in the industry.

It is because of these people that the Membership Directory contains so many quality companies proud to call themselves members, and it is also because of these members that we have an annual report chronicling another year of progress towards our ultimate goals: to expand industry markets and maintain good working relationships with our awarding and regulatory agencies.

AGC Recognizes: Life Members

Life Member Awards are bestowed on men and women who, through extraordinary efforts, influenced the industry in a positive way. With deep gratitude, we thank the following members for their service to the industry.

Ken Janke: Ken worked with James Construction Company for 35 years. He served on the chapter board of directors in 2010 and 2011, served as Waco area chairman from 2008 through 2012, and served on numerous chapter committees and task forces over the years.

M. Schuler Nelson: Schuler Nelson was president of Austin Road Company and worked for the company for 34 years. He served on the chapter board of directors in 1972 and 1973, and served as area chairman in 1970, ’71, ’78, ’79, ’81 and ’82. Schuler also served on numerous chapter committees and task forces throughout his very active membership in the chapter.

Accepting the life member award in his honor are wife Linda Nelson, daughter Jennifer Johnson with husband Eric, grandson Eric Russell Johnson, grandson Justin Johnson, son Mitchell Nelson and wife Lori, and son Dylan Hester and wife Marissa.

A.L. “Allen” Helmcamp: A.L. Helmcamp has been in business since 1978, where Allen served as CEO of the company until his death in December 2013. Allen’s daughter Tracy Helmcamp Schieffer and son, Rick Helmcamp, serve as Vice President and President of the company, respectively, and take care of the day-to-day operations. The family and their company have long supported the chapter and its goals. Tracy Helmcamp Schieffer served as chapter president in 2008.

Accepting the life member award in Allen’s honor are his children Tracy and Rick.

AGC Recognizes: Outgoing Directors of the Board

  • Roger Albert, Reece Albert, Inc.
  • Kal Kincaid, APAC-Texas, Inc.
  • Dan Williams, Dan Williams Company
  • Jim Anderson, Haas-Anderson Construction, Ltd.
  • Larry Hurley (not pictured), The Lane Construction Corp.

AGC Recognizes: Outgoing Committee, Task Force, and Area Chairmen

  • Terry Bryant, Jones Bros. Dirt & Paving: Maintenance Committee
  • Roger Albert, Reece Albert, Inc: Public Affairs Committee
  • Jesse Sepeda, James Construction Group; Safety & Health Committee
  • Donald Towles, Austin Bridge & Road; Structures Committee
  • Bill Duguay, J.D. Abrams: Houston area chairman
  • Zack Burkett, III, Zack Burkett Company: Employee Relations Committee
  • Eric Walterscheid, J. Lee Milligan, Inc.: Amarillo area co-chairman
  • Brian Lee, The Lane Construction Corp.: DFW Future Leadership Council
  • Todd Drouin, Batterson, LLP: Traffic Control & Pavement Marking Committee
  • Jerry Lee, Zack Burkett Company: Wichita Falls area chairman

2014 Division Chairmen

  • Jon Abrams, J.D. Abrams, LP, Heavy & Industrial Division chairman
  • Colin Keane, McCourt & Sons Equipment, Associate Division chairman
  • Tracy Schieffer, A.L. Helmcamp, Inc., Highway Division Chair
  • Art Daniel, A R Daniel Construction, Municipal & Utilities Division chairman

2014 Area Chairmen

  • Daniel Wetzel, Allen Butler Construction, Lubbock co-chairman
  • Michael Bontrager, J. Lee Milligan, Inc., Amarillo co-chairman
  • Jason McLear, The Lane Construction Corp., Fort Worth area chairman
  • Rick Shaffer, J.D. Abrams, LP, Dallas area chairman
  • Casey Johnson, Longview Bridge & Road, Tyler area chairman
  • Greg Garrison, Texas Sterling Construction, Houston area chairman
  • Jeff Smith, Smith and Company, Bryan area chairman
  • Chad Clark, Clark Construction of Texas, San Antonio area chairman
  • Jim Anderson, Haas-Anderson Construction, Corpus Christi area chairman
  • Lon Albert, Reece Albert, Inc., Odessa/San Angelo/Abilene/Brownwood area chairman
  • Alfonso Fernandez, J.D. Abrams, LP, El Paso area chairman
  • Trey Pebley, Foremost Paving, Inc., Pharr area chairman
  • Mike Brown, APAC-Texas, Inc., Wheeler Division, Austin area chairman
  • Dustin Lennon, D.L. Lennon, Inc., Paris co-chairman
  • Reece Sterling, Longview Bridge & Road, Atlanta co-chairman
  • Zack Burkett, III, Zack Burkett Company, Wichita Falls area chairman
  • Robert Adamson, Longview Bridge & Road, Lufkin area chairman
  • Berry O’Bryan, Anderson Columbia, Laredo area chairman
  • Wade Miller, Big Creek Construction, Waco area chairman
  • Kal Kincaid, APAC-Texas, Inc., Trotti & Thomson Division, Beaumont area chairman
  • Elizabeth Weisman, Hunter Industries, Ltd., Yoakum area chair

2014 Committee & Task Force Chairmen

  • Johnny Weisman, Hunter Industries, Ltd., Joint AGC/TxDOT Committee
  • Stacey Bryant, Jones Brothers Dirt & Paving, Joint AGC/TxDOT Aviation Committee
  • Jon Abrams, J.D. Abrams, LP, Joint AGC/Corps of Engineers Committee
  • Howard Pebley, Foremost Paving, Inc., Joint AGC/Consulting Engineers Council Committee
  • Gary Botkin, Capital Excavation Company, Joint AGC/DPS Committee
  • Kory Keller, Allen Keller Company, Joint AGC/Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Committee
  • Tracy Schieffer, A.L. Helmcamp, Joint AGC/State Comptroller Committee
  • Larry Hurley, The Lane Construction Corporation, Alternate Delivery Committee
  • Chuck Fuller, Ramming Paving, Asphalt Paving Committee
  • Bo Davis, A R Daniel Construction Services, Boring & Tunneling Committee and the DFW Area Future Leadership Council
  • Kelly Gallagher, J.D. Abrams, LP, Computer Committee
  • Seth Schulgen, Williams Brothers Construction Co., Concrete Paving Committee, the CPM Task Force, and the Scholarship Funding Task Force
  • Andy Cotten, Dean Word Company, Employee Relations Committee
  • Forrest Word, Dean Word Company, Environmental Committee
  • Steve Doyle, Austin Bridge & Road, Ethics Committee
  • Bruce Bayless, Hunter Industries, Ltd., Highway Spec Committee
  • Randy Rogers, Williams Brothers Construction Co., Insurance & Surety Committee
  • Bob Lanham, Williams Brothers Construction Co., Legislative Drafting & Review Committee , and the Highway Funding Task Force
  • Chad Clark, Clark Construction of Texas, Maintenance Committee
  • Tod Alderman, Austin White Lime, Membership Development Committee
  • Barry Dunn, Viking Construction, Microsurfacing Committee
  • Joe Forshage, Foremost Paving, Inc., Public Affairs Committee
  • Orlando Castilleja, Hunter Industries, Ltd., Joint AGC/TxDOT Safety Committee
  • Elizabeth Weisman, Hunter Industries, Ltd., Scholarship Committee
  • Jack Autrey, Missouri Petroleum Products, Seal Coat Committee
  • Harry Levy, The Levy Company, Signing & Illumination Committee
  • Bill Duguay, J.D. Abrams, LP, Structures Committee
  • Chad England, N-Line Traffic Maintenance, Traffic Control & Pavement Marking Committee
  • Kyle Masters, McCarthy Building Companies, Water/Wastewater Committee
  • Dale Stubblefield, Austin Bridge & Road, Joint AGC/DFW Task Force and the NTTA Task Force
  • Trey Pebley, Foremost Paving, Inc., CMAR Task Force
  • Roger Albert, Reece Albert, Inc., DBE/HUB/SBE and RFP Task Forces
  • Lon Albert, Reece Albert, Inc., Flexible Base Task Force
  • Abel Luna, Zachry Construction Corporation, OJT Task Force
  • Brad Everett, J.D. Abrams, LP, Work Zone Safety and Safety Measurement & Reporting Task Forces

Thank each and every one of these men and women, for their dedication to this association, to our industry, and to the state of Texas.

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