AGC of Texas Distinguishes Itself for Chapter Advocacy

Written by  Kristen Ogden Smith

Late January, AGC of America’s Senior Executive Director of Government Affairs Jeff Shoaf sent a letter to the members of AGC of Texas to commend them for being leaders in the drive to implement and use BIPAC to regularly send letters to state and federal legislators on issues of utmost important to the industry. The BIPAC system makes it as easy as “two clicks” to send, and the ease of use is making it possible for the construction industry to drastically increase the number of contacts we make.

Here is the letter below:

Dear Tom:

Thanks for your individual effort to make AGC’s rollout of chapter advocacy and get-out-the-vote tools coordinated through BIPAC a notable success. AGC has been partnering with BIPAC over the years to make our Legislative Action Center thrive. The program to provide chapters with the same tools rolled out at the 2012 convention in Hawaii, and the usage of the system has had an extremely positive impact on our ability to reach a wider AGC audience with our advocacy message.

Your chapter is one of 55 that made the commitment to develop their own site, similar to AGC/A’s and use the site to move the chapter’s agenda. Your chapter was also one of our top performers. Top oerforming chapters for 2013, in no particular order, were AGC Minnesota, Montana Contractors Association, AGC of New Hampshire, AGC of New York State, and AGC of Texas.

Here are some impressive statistics that reflect the results of those chapter efforts. IN 2012, AGC Chapters sent 2,778 letters on state and local issues. The chapters were more active in 2013, sending 6,818 letters. Your chapter is one amongst a few standouts in our top performers who we believe deserves special recognition.

Jeff Shoaf
Senior Executive Director
Government Affairs

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