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During the recent Texas Project Awards Luncheon, TxDOT and AGC recognized ten outstanding transportation projects. Some utilized cutting-edge construction materials and methods; others featured world-renown design or historic elements that represented the fine work of engineers that came before us.

All of the award-winning, successful transportation projects shared a common theme, high levels of collaboration and communication among TxDOT staff, our partner contractors and communities.

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge across the Trinity River in Dallas required international collaboration to realize the vision of Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava. In addition, Williams Brothers Construction Co. Inc. and TxDOT coordinated with City of Dallas, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Dallas utilities, Dallas Flood Control, the Federal Aviation Administration and others.

Nothing about the Deck and Plaza over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway in Dallas was routine. The construction represented collaboration between TxDOT and Archer-Western Ltd., as well as the City of Dallas, its contractor and The Park Foundation.

The Midland Odessa Transportation Organization contributed more than $6 million to the Highway 349 project in Martin County, which was key to the successful roadway expansion project by Jones Brothers Dirt and Paving Contractors Inc.

Compressed timelines and coordination allowed Knife River Corp.-South to complete significant portions of the University Drive Project in the Bryan District while students were away for the winter holiday break.

Communication and collaboration between TxDOT and Foremost Pavement Inc. on the U.S. 83 Project in Zapata County helped the team overcome differing site conditions, utilities and right-of-way challenges, excavation of unexpected rock, and other obstacles to improve this important emergency evacuation route for the lower Rio Grande Valley population.

The FM 755/Avasolo St. Project team in the Pharr District worked with Foremost Paving to make several adjustments during construction, while converting the two-way roadways into a one-way pair facility with shoulders on both sides.

The rehabilitation of Spur 421 in the San Antonio District required extensive community outreach by Williams Brothers Construction and TxDOT, including communicating with businesses, residents, school districts, and third party entities, sometimes even going door-to-door to talk with neighbors.

The footprint of the FM 1695 (Hewitt Drive) project in the Waco district runs adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad track and across from an elementary school. Big Creek Construction Ltd. and the TxDOT project team did an excellent job collaborating with the community, meeting with the school superintendent and the Hewitt City Manager throughout the project. During construction of an overpass on SH 36 in Waco, TxDOT, Big Creek Construction and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice collaborated when the Mountain View Prison’s driveway needed to be re-located during construction. DCI Contracting Inc. and the Yoakum District successfully rehabilitated the Piano Bridge by reviving the hot riveting method with the expertise of Bach Structural and Ornamental Steel.

These projects represent only ten of the thousands of transportation projects underway across Texas each year. The Texas Project Awards exemplify that collaboration and communication are the key to success.

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