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Autumn is always one of our busiest seasons, and we are going to be even busier as more Proposition 1 projects are let and move forward. Passed by Texas voters almost one year ago, Proposition 1 provides much-needed additional revenue to the State Highway Fund.

By the end of October, the Texas Transportation Commission will have approved contracts on just about all of the planned 200 Proposition 1 projects that were a result of the first round of Proposition 1 funding, which added approximately $1.7 billion to the State Highway Fund. TxDOT leveraged the $1.7 billion from Proposition 1 with other funds to provide more than $2 billion worth of projects. Once approved, these projects would provide numerous benefits to the state’s infrastructure:

• Over 800 miles of rehabilitated highway lanes with better pavement;

• Nearly 500 miles of new highway lanes that provide extra capacity;

• 114 bridge-widening replacement projects; and

• 18 “Super-2” widening projects that add 159 miles of passing lanes to rural highways.

"This November, Texas voters will once again have the chance to increase funding for transportation when Proposition 7 appears on the ballot."

Transportation touches almost everyone’s lives. And we are honored that voters trust us to make good use of their tax dollars in addressing their concerns. With that said, we must do our part and execute our responsibilities with integrity. That means diligent planning, working with communities to identify needs and solutions, mobilizing resources efficiently and providing a high-level of customer service.

This November, Texas voters will once again have the chance to increase funding for transportation when Proposition 7 appears on the ballot. If approved, Proposition 7 means billions more for transportation projects in Texas over the next decade, and even more responsibilities for us to execute.

In order to continue providing proactive customer service, TxDOT’s State Legislative Affairs team has created a Proposition 7 website as an educational tool for elected officials, the public and TxDOT employees. The Proposition 7 webpage is now live at the following link: ballot-proposition-7.html.

Regardless of the outcome at the polls, I have confidence that we will continue to uphold the trust that Texans have placed in us. And while the Legislature has worked to find new revenue for transportation, we must keep our promise of being good financial stewards.

Our employees are our best resource, and I want to hear their ideas for keeping costs down. In accordance with Texas law, we have established the Cost Efficiency Suggestions Program to be even better stewards of the funds entrusted to us.

All suggestions will be reviewed, and their idea may be posted on our website at All District offices have paper suggestion forms–in English or Spanish–so everyone has the opportunity to submit a suggestion.

I know we are all ready to take on the challenges ahead, and I look forward to seeing their ideas as we continue to execute the design, construction and maintenance of the best transportation system in the nation.

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