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In the last issue, the electric Logging Device Mandate (ELD) was discussed. This rule is moving forward and the interstate compliance date is December 18, 2017. If your company will be affected by this mandate, you should begin the process to be in compliance as soon as possible.

The DPS Driver License Division is back up to date with CDL downgrade time requirements. Once a driver’s medical certificate expires, DPS will downgrade the license to a regular Class C license after 60 days. If a commercial driver is stopped with a downgraded license, they will be placed out-of-service (OOS) during a roadside inspection and possibly issued a citation. Ensuring that your drivers are medically certified and possess valid CDLs will help prevent this from occurring.

Another important topic is the status of your USDOT number. If your company makes interstate movements, you must have a valid USDOT number and display it on both sides of the power unit. A new out-of-service condition places vehicles OOS if the USDOT number has been revoked. Remember, not having a USDOT number is also a violation and becomes OOS for a second offense.

Lastly, the annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance National Road Check will be conducted June 6-8. All CVE troopers, inspectors, city, and county DOT officers will be out in force inspecting CMV’s throughout the state and nation. Be alert, and make sure you are in compliance prior to the road check.

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