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Written by  AGCTX


When reflecting over a year of our efforts in this industry, one can always claim that many changes have taken place. In the case of this report, however, 2011 was a recordsetting year for change. A lot of these changes were due to a domino effect in the department due to the retirements of TxDOT Executive Director Amadeo Saenz and Deputy Executive Director Steve Simmons, including Assistant Executive Director David Casteel, Director of Construction Russell Lenz, and a number of District Engineers and staff personnel who retired last August, after serving many years in their departments. All of these will be greatly missed.

Phil Wilson was appointed as the first non-engineer TxDOT Director. He was chosen from the business world. He has returned more authority back to the DEs, allowing them to operate their districts similar to a franchise. I think it’s going to work out fine.

We also have some changes in the AGC. Thomas Bohuslav is now the Area Manager for Houston and Beaumont areas, and I still cover the East Texas area districts. I will also be spending more time working on membership. If you know someone who needs to be a member in your area, please contact me.

In the future, we will be taking more information to area meetings to keep people aware of what’s happening, especially during the legislative sessions. This will include working with the legislature to increase transportation funding. We’ll try to have speakers as often as possible. This is occurring because most contractors are now bidding electronically and do not go to the Austin monthly meetings as often as they used to.

2012 is giving us a lot of work to get ready, willing, and able for the funding fight ahead of us, both at the state and federal level. As always, we are calling on our members’ support in these initiatives. Make sure you attend your area meetings and are signed up for our E-Bulletins and Industry News Service so you can keep up-to-date on what is going on in your industry.

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