Written by  ACGTX


The Austin area activity is drawing to a close for 2011, and it has been another successful and productive year. With a legislative session that produced some very important results for increased highway funding and the opportunity to infuse the municipal and utility market with Proposition 2 funds on November 8, things are definitely looking brighter. Area members enjoyed a healthy report from the Austin district of TxDOT this fall regarding upcoming lettings. The district will let approximately $211 million in FY 2012. On September 29, 2011 the Transportation Commission approved an additional $91 million in Proposition 12 funds for the district. The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization approved an additional $47 million in projects in October. There are several high profile projects in the Austin district that are on hold due to environmental concerns. Congressman John Carter was in the district this fall to discuss the status of the 195 projects around the Georgetown area. The district has secured authority to construct the southern section for approximately $22 million but is awaiting clearance on the remaining section estimated to be $29 million. TxDOT is hopeful that the 195 projects will move to contract by the fall of 2012 which will provide a much needed transportation solution for the region.

Al Alonzi with the Federal Highway Administration spoke at the Austin area monthly luncheon in September and updated the group on discussions in Washington D.C. regarding transportation legislation. In addition, Al highlighted the importance of and emphasis on innovation in the highway construction industry.

The Austin area fall golf tournament was a huge success and well attended by the area membership. Special thanks go out to Jim Siddons, Associate Vice Chairman and AGC staff member Darlene Edge who organized the event.

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