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Changes are here for sure; some we need and some we don’t. There always will be changes in TxDOT and other related agencies. I think that in 2011 there were almost as many changes as there were in1993 when Governor Richards changed all the top floor of the Greer building along with a number of staff and District Engineers. We wish much happiness to our hardworking partners at TxDOT and good fortune in their future endeavors.

AGC members will support the new TxDOT Executive Director and all the new staff, as well as the District Engineers, just as they have for others in the past, and we will continue building the best transportation system in the nation, as has always been the goal of the AGC of Texas and TxDOT.

The funding for the East Texas and Houston areas looks good for this year and the next, but if Texas doesn’t come up with more funding by next session, the State will be in bad need of funds to maintain the system.

We continue to have large attendance at the area meetings, with good participation in discussion of joint committee minutes, review of updated projects in the district, and the dates that funds will be let.

To each of our AGC of Texas members I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous holiday season. Merry Christmas to all, and we hope to see you in January as the 2012 meetings commence in your areas.

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