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2012 is a High Jump, Not Limbo

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In March, AGC of Texas became the proud recipient of AGC of America’s 2011 Large Chapter of the Year Award. This is a big deal! I wish to congratulate Bob Lanham, AGC staff, and indeed, every single one of our AGC of Texas members for this achievement.

We did a lot of great things in 2011, but what set us apart in Texas—as well as the rest of the nation—is that we received additional funding for the highway program as well as the MU markets.

The list of industries that can claim that in Texas is small—only a single line, it turns out. The Chapter stands out similarly when compared to the rest of the nation—times are tough, states are running deficits everywhere, and to increase funding in such a climate is nothing short of extraordinary.

Soon, each member will receive an Annual Report, published by the Chapter. In it, you will find detailed information on all the work done over the course of 2011. I encourage you to look over it to make sure you are satisfied with the Chapter and its efforts. If you are looking for something in particular and don’t find it, I assure you that you still have time to get it in the 2012 report. We just need you to say something.

This report sets the bar for me, and I will either exceed these standards, or fall below. As 2012 President, I believe this bar will be 2012’s high jump, not a limbo pole.

There is so much new energy buzzing around the Chapter Office and area meetings that will transfer into new victories for all of us. At the heart of our success in 2012 is an increased awareness through better communication.


In February, I sent every company a letter reinforcing my commitment to the strengthening of communication among our general and associate members. There is so much raw potential in our membership. As long as the Chapter continues to cultivate its communication efforts between the board and the areas, we have all of the infrastructure we need to remain the powerful force we are nationally recognized to be. The rest is up to you and the seven hundred other companies who claim membership to the AGC of Texas.

My main priority for 2012 is communication— between members and Chapter staff, between generals and associates, and between the Board of Directors and the areas. I genuinely hope that 2012 is remembered as a huge advancement in communication and service to our members.

Solutions are only an email or a phone call away, so please, get your voice working for your company. This is why you are members in the first place. You have a full staff of competent and hardworking people at the Chapter Office, as well as a powerful network of contractors and associates. So use them!

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