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Sep/Oct 2012

Sep/Oct 2012

Atlanta is one of the few districts which have managed to hang on to their district engineers throughout the recent changes within TxDOT. In fact, it’s so rare, I’m almost afraid to write anything about it in case that changes before this ink is dry.

The Bryan area meetings typically have a pretty short agenda. I consider this a good problem. To me, it is indicative of the great working relationship with our area TxDOT partners. It means contractors tend to take care of their issues on the spot, as opposed to kicking it up it up the organizational chart until someone has the authority to address it.

Only a few months in and the 2007 Trade Show has begun to take shape. Sponsorship opportunities are available, so make sure to get your name out there. Remember, this is the biggest (and best) Trade and Equipment show in the state, and you’re certain to get a lot of exposure.

With all the talk of the State Water Plan and the need for funding, a number of locally funded water infrastructure projects are currently underway to ensure the Metroplex and surrounding areas have an adequate water supply in the future.

In early August, I had the pleasure of meeting with leaders from AGC and some of my colleagues at the Texas Department of Transportation for the Executive Safety Seminar to focus on our most important goal.

When Ronald W. Reagan dominated the national political scene in the 80’s, one of his familiar refrains was that all Republicans should strictly observe what he called the 11th commandment: “Never speak ill of another member of your party.”

Team USA distinguished itself at the Summer Olympics by winning the most Gold medals and the most medals of any country in history. This should encourage AGC to Go for the Gold in its advocacy campaign, by informing candidates about the important issues facing our industry.

Late July was a busy time for the Forshage Clan. Not only was I privileged to serve as emcee for the 2012 Administrative Conference, but also my family celebrated the birthday of my daughter, and her engagement party, as well.

The second joint AGC/TxDOT Executive Safety Seminar was held August 7 at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Austin. It was simply outstanding.

The chapter's second annual Scholarship Gala was held Tuesday, August 7 at the picturesque and supremely accommodating Four Seasons Hotel in Austin.

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