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Jan/Feb 2013

Jan/Feb 2013

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Tyler’s primary focus right about now is funding for more projects. The fewer the jobs, the cheaper the bidding. Right now, there’s a lot of cheap work being done. Our recent forecast shows some decent jobs ahead for us in 2013, but nowhere close to the district’s capacity. We expect there to be some pretty stiff competition for the larger projects coming up.

When the 83rd edition of the Texas House of Representatives was gaveled to order January 8, observers required a roster with photos to identify the forty-one rookies being sworn in. It's the biggest crop of freshmen members in a while, and combined with those elected to second terms this cycle, the One-Term-and-Less Gang makes up almost 50% of the 150 members.

As we search for ways to use construction funding more effectively, advances in technology offer unlimited opportunities for cost savings. At the recent Southwest Construction Peer Network Exchange in Salt Lake City, a session on implementing digital jobsites provided a wealth of information on everything from Web-based information sharing to automated machine control.

The U.S. transportation construction infrastructure market is expected to show modest growth in 2013, increasing 3% from $126.5 billion to $130.3 billion. That’s the key finding in ARTBA’s annual economic forecast which we released on November 30.

As we enter the 83rd Regular Session, there is general consensus among legislators that infrastructure funding is a top priority. As automobiles become more fuel efficient and new alternate fuel technologies are introduced, our traditional funding sources have become increasingly unstable.

The AGC of Texas is proud to announce its 2013 Board of Directors. At the January Board of Directors meeting, Mr. Dean Word, III of Dean Word Company was elected President-Elect. Congratulations and thanks go to Mr. Word for this appointment.

As we begin the legislative session, it is time to make sure that we have done everything possible to make sure that the legislature clearly understands the crisis facing our infrastructure. Both water and highway issues should be a top priority for everyone in Texas.

Did he fire six shots, or only five? This year our cylinder is full and we’re ready to do a bang-up job this 83rd legislative session.* It’s going to be a tough fight and the stakes are high. As you may recall, we’ve two more years of good lettings projected. Then after 2014, this industry’s forecast reverts back to less than $2B per annum. We cannot let that happen.

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