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May/Jun 2013

May/Jun 2013

There is no doubt that our industry and association have been tested these past few years. We have weathered one of the most severe and longest-lasting construction downturns most of us will—hopefully—ever have to endure. We have faced major regulatory challenges and coped with politicians that, at best, don’t understand our industry and, at worst, don’t trust it.

TxDOT and other DOTs across the country are exploring innovative contracting methods for select transportation projects, which consider factors in addition to “low bid.” Innovative contracting methods can speed project completion, reduce inconvenience to the traveling public, and provide a clearer vision of what’s expected from the contractor.

True or False: Texas state representatives are elected for two year terms, and state senators are elected for four year terms.

A frequent agenda item at the Joint Committee is the need for better managed information and processes concerning TxDOT funding of locally let projects. In the past few years, TxDOT has worked with AGC of Texas to bring more transparency and efficiency to its website when looking at the local let schedule; however, due to the nature of that schedule, problems have persisted.

It will likely be a decade or more before any self-respecting Texan complains of inclement weather. So AGC members found themselves with another cause for celebration as the wind and rain tore the tent down on the Annual Fish Fry in April, causing the party to be moved indoors.

According to TxDOT’s most recent data, 2012 held 16,687 crashes in Texas work zones, resulting in 134 fatalities. In the past year, 45 percent of Texas’ highway contractors and 38 percent of contractors nationwide had motor vehicles crash into their construction work zones, according to the results of a new highway work zone study conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America.

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013 the subcommittee on Budget Transparency and Reform of the House Appropriations Committee met to review a series of transportation funding related bills. Several different concepts had been introduced by Representative Linda Harper-Brown, Representative Drew Darby, Representative Larry Phillips, Representative Patricia Harless, and Representative Joe Pickett.

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