Nov/Dec 2014

Nov/Dec 2014

As my presidency begins to wind down, I wish to reflect on some of the Chapter’s activities this past year.

Congratulations to the Highway Funding Task Force, as well as all of the members of the AGC of Texas for a job welldone.

A fair warning to readers: this is written 19 days before the final votes are tallied Nov. 4, but this writer feels very confident in his predictions.

Texas is home to one of the largest and most complex transportation systems in the world. By the same token, the TxDOT is home to the best and brightest project design and construction professionals.

With the advent of a water construction boon in the state of Texas, the Chapter needed a smart, motivated, and relevant person to represent M/U members and their needs.

Texans overwhelmingly voted in favor of transportation funding, with a definitive 79.78 percent of Texans voting for Prop 1.

The Associate Division of the AGC of Texas is one of the largest and most participatory in the country.

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