Sep/Oct 2015

Sep/Oct 2015

Texas has a long and storied history with drought that provides the basis for the development of a comprehensive state water plan.

Autumn is always one of our busiest seasons, and we are going to be even busier as more Proposition 1 projects are let and move forward.

"They" say that competition is good and that winning first place is the ultimate goal. And in most cases, “they” may be right. But what if the prize is saving someone’s life, or preventing an accident that would change a person’s life forever?

AGC of Texas members mixed with Texas legislators and industry leaders at mid-summer management and administrative conferences that provided opportunities for inside perspectives on the big issues of the day.

The campaign to help inform and educate Texans about the importance of Proposition 7 started in early August out in West Texas with Sen. Robert Nichols, R-Jacksonville, making media stops in Midland, Odessa, San Angelo and Abilene.

The question is: How many supporters of our highway program does it take for us to say, “That’s too many”? The answer: You can’t have too many supporters.

At the time I write this article, the year is already two thirds over. By the time this article reaches you, early voting will be just over the horizon and the Prop. 7 campaign will soon come to fruition.

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