Jan/Feb 2016

Jan/Feb 2016

AGC in Motion

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After many years of short-term extensions and funding patches, Congress finally passed a five-year transportation authorization bill with sufficient revenue to provide annual funding increases for highway and transit construction programs.

Texans have long known the power of water.

PROPOSITION 7, Which has passed with an astonishing 83 percent of votes in favor of the measure in November 2015, will fundamentally improve transportation funding for years to come.

“Leadership for the Safety Program in your organization starts with you,” according to author, David Walls.

Texas is home to one of the largest and most complex transportation systems in the world. By the same token, Texas is home to the best and brightest project design and construction professionals.

Texas Transportation Chairman Tryon Lewis belted a home run for AGC members when he visited the chapter in early January to discuss highway funding and TxDOT’s new direction.

It has been a long time since funding was not our primary concern.

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